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Classroom Encounters ®
produces teacher-friendly world-class science media covering our changing planet and science itself. Classroom Encounters’ DVD-based library of media assets features world-class scientists, engaged teens, the latest discoveries, and student art and music. The intellectually rich and standards-aligned content is chaptered by topic so teachers can click and choose the clip that fits.

6 Releases
in the "NSTA Recommends" Series on
Global Climate Change

  • "HURRICANES and Our Future"
    Missing Link in Earth's Climate System?
  • "Freeze, Freeze, Fry -
    Climate Past, Present, and Future"
  • "Thin Ice -
    Earth in the Time of
    Climate Change"
  • "UnEarthing Life:
    The Deep History of a Living Planet
  • "UnEarthing Life: On Mars?"
  • Climate Change and Our Future
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"These videos not only communicate the essence of science, but also the
passion of today's leading scientists. These high quality productions will
help develop the next generation of scientifically literate citizens."
Steven M. Bass, President & CEO, Oregon Public Broadcasting

“Scientists need to communicate directly to teens, teachers, and the public.
Classroom Encounters is doing couldn't have happened at a better time,”
Dr. William Moomaw, Atmospheric Chemist, Fletcher School of International Diplomacy, Tufts University (Classroom Encounters, WHS)

“What would happen if the ice on Greenland and Antarctic melted? We don’t
know for sure. This has never happened before during human life times.”
Professor Dan Schrag, ocean geochemist, Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Director of Harvard University Center for the Environment. (Classroom Encounters, WHS)

“We live on a remarkable planet that has a very long history of life... We should all ask ourselves: how can we be effective stewards of this planet so our grandchildren will live in a world that is as interesting and productive as the one we live in?
Andrew Knoll, evolutionary biologist, paleontologist, member of the Mars Exploration Rover Team, Harvard University (Classroom Encounters, WHS)

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