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UnEarthing Life:
The Deep History of a Living

UnEarthing Life:
What About Mars?

Video Clip
Dr. Knoll on
Mars becoming habitable...

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Further Readings - Science Journals
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On Origins of Life on Earth,
a NOVA 2004 interview of Dr. Knoll

"Could Rover Opportunity
Find Signs of Life on Mars?"

Here is a 2004 interview from
Astrobiology Magazine

CNN's America's Best:
On The Deep History of Life

Way Cool Scientist:

Supercool "Stomatolite Explorer"
awesome robotic video of Exploration of a Living Mat

Related article:
She sees vistas in a tiny speck of life
By Andrew Rimas, Globe Correspondent | November 13, 2006
By studying the minuscule phytoplankton,
MIT professor Penny Chisholm hopes to learn very big things...

Water on Mars
and the Prospect of Martian Life -
draft outline

EPSL Paleophysiology

Eukaryotic Organisms in Proterozoic Oceans

The Timing and Environmental Context
of Early Eukaryotic Diversification


Dr. Andrew Knoll
Paleontologist and Conservation Biologist,
Member of the Mars Exploration Rover Science Team,
Professor of Evolutionary Biology,
Harvard University

Talking about Mars...

At the Grand Canyon