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Now, we have evolved and would want to give back to the Internet world by helping others to learn the basics and advanced techniques in the world of digital design. We have compiled what we have learned both in theory and application to provide easy to follow course outlines for everyone regardless of age and educational achievement.

It is our pleasure to bring the most up to date courses from the industry, with this ever-changing industry it is hard to keep with it. We change our course every year to make sure we are at the top of the web design industry like this website. It's important to us that we provide the best courses on the internet for aspiring designers.

Our company is created to accomplish one mission - to provide amazing designs through offering a service and providing courses in graphic and web design to those who want to learn and be a good designer at the comforts of their home.

Design with passion.

What keeps us apart from the rest is that everything we do is with passion. This is how we created designs that suit our client's taste, and at the same time, it has an impact on anyone seeing our work. We make sure our client's vision is put into reality while adding our personal touches. The result? A design that is worth publishing.

Learn by passion.

It has been our motto that when we relay our knowledge and share it with others - one key ingredient must be present and that is passion. We make sure everyone who will take our courses will ignite more passion within them to produce amazing designs. In due time, we create masterpieces that are worth sharing and publishing, too.

Create extraordinary designs.

It has always been our goal to create extraordinary designs that we are proud of. The same thing goes with our courses. Our end goal is to help the individual create designs that are the epitome of their personality and showcase what their true talents are. This makes it far easier to learn, to apply what has been learned, and the final output - perfection at it's best. Who would not love that?

We have everything covered - the theory, techniques, and application. All it takes is passion and the determination to learn everything at your pace to come up with a design that you would love and be proud of. That's all there is! This is what designing is all about – creating a masterpiece.

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The course provided by ClassRoomEncounters is incredible. I learnt much more than I thought I ever would.


Aspiring Web Developer
I strongly recommend anyone thinking of getting in to web design to get this course, it's a great affordable price and the knowledge that these expert teachers have is invaluable.


Aspiring Web Developer
I wasn't sure if I wanted to go into web design at the beginning of doing this course. Throughout the course IW as thinking about what life would be like if I were to be a graphic designer and it really has changed my life and my goals. Now I am working as a graphic designer in a great company all because of this excellent course.


Aspiring Graphic Designer


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